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...from the American Orchid Society

The American Orchid Society receives hundreds of orchid-related questions each month in a variety of media: phone, fax, e-mail and, yes, even through the mail. Director of Education and Conservation Ned Nash, who answers the majority of these queries, has gathered the most frequently encountered questions.
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Cattleyas are among the most popular orchids. Their culture is often used as the basis for comparison with other types of orchids. Cattleyas and their related hybrids come in many colors, shapes, forms and sizes. Culture varies only slightly among most of these. This sheet is a general guide. Click--> basic cattleya culture.

Orchids in the Garden or on the Patio: Properly selected and cared for, orchids can be among the showiest and most exotic of all garden or patio plants. The trick is in selecting plants that are already adapted to your particular area. First, though, consider some basic cultural needs of the plants. Click here --> download your copy

Orchids in the Home: Anyone can grow orchids in the home without living in the tropics or having the luxury of a greenhouse. Today, houseplants are a regular part of home decoration. If you have ever successfully grown a houseplant, or enjoyed a flowering potted plant, you can grow orchids. The good news is there are plenty of options to give yourself a beautiful display of flowering orchids year round. Click here to download your copy